Christ-Followers On Every Team, In Every Sport, In Every Nation

Tim’s Story

Even though going to church as a child I have never connected the dots of the stories of the Bible and how they applied to me personally. I had just thought that knowing these truths and stories in the Bible was all that someone needs to do in order to be a Christian. It was not until I was in college that I learned that I could not be farther from the truth.

I had learned that there is a difference in being a head Christian and a heart Christian. I had always believed in God and that Jesus was his son who died for me on the cross. But the Bible teaches that many know of God but that He does not know them. In order to truly be a child of God (a Christian) I would need to personally ask Jesus to forgive me of my sins and allow his Holy Spirit to take control of my life which is something that I had never done. (Is this something that you done?)

So as a freshman in college, one Sunday night I had asked Jesus to come into my life, to forgive me of my sins and direct my life. I wish that I can say that it was easy after that but the Bible does not teach that and I’ve had personal struggles and ups & downs in my faith but I’ve always been living for God.
I’ve tried to live my life so that there would be evidence to those who are observing my life that I am a child of God. As a Christian something should be different about me from the guy across the street but also so that it is inviting for them to want to learn why I am different. There are way too many people with the Christian name tag but not actually living the life who give the faith a bad name.

So my question to you is there any evidence in your life (a desire to attend church, pray, study the Bible) that you are a child of God or are you a head Christian with some basic knowledge of God but in reality still separated from him. Unfortunately, without being in a personal relationship with God when you stand before him when you die he will deny you.

Running Stats

Times & Distances:

800 – 1:48.12 (1995) HS – 1:50.72
1500 – 3:39.23 (1994)
1600 HS 4:12.???
Mile (track) – 4:00 (1995)
4X800 HS – 7:41.29

3 Time NCAA All-American – Mile Indoor (once) and 1500 Outdoor (twice)
Tennessee School Record Holder 1500 – 3:41.24
SEC Individual Champion: 1991 Mile and 1991 1500
1993 NCAA National Championship Team
1996 Olympic Trials 800

Michigan High School All State:
XC: 3 (9 th , 5 th , 2 nd)
Indoor: multiple times
Outdoor: 3 – 800M, 2 – 1600M, 2 – 4X800
Monroe High School Record Holder: 800 – 1:50.72, 1600 – 4:12, 4X800 – 7:41.29